Paul Horton Photography This is my photography & processed artwork
The Two of Us Our workshop is in the bush and that iis where we love to be, relaxing, fossicking, meeting people from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds and hobbies. We travel across and around Australia constantly learning new stuff every day, we take lots of photos and collect lots of stuff, but at the end of the day this is my photography and this is how I see things.
The Navigator - always on the move Documentary photography is the main objective while on the road, talking to the locals and personal discovery reveals country outback Australia in many interesting moods. After many years of photographing, or trying to photograph the ever changing landscape I am constantly aware of it’s stunning beauty and in a heartbeat everything canchange enormously. The navigator knows there is so much more to capturing a good photo but when she is ready to leave it’s all systems go, so I’m not going to push my luck, at least we now discuss how much more time we should spend in any given area.
Documentary - Our Trips We go to interesting places and sometimes meet up with old timers that tell the story a little different to the media and history books that are often tarnished by the motives of the story teller. Occasionally something physical to support the story is present and here it is! The one thing that is consistent is the great work done by the Royal Flying Doctor. Service Scattered throughout my library of landscapes are images of the landing strips in the middle of a highway right across the country, and, I’ve only got some of them.
Lake Bonney South Australia Sunset 2011
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OUTBACK GALLERY We love to travel around Australia constantly checking out remote places, the people who live there and we find interesting places arise from nowhere. This is my photography and this is how I see things.
INFRA-RED GALLERY The IR experiment using modified digital cameras and image processing came about by chance while learning new techniques in digital photography. I’m learning new stuff every day and I work on this aspect from time to time. This is my photography and this is how I see things.
HDR GALLERY Involves taking multiple images at varied apeture settings to get the best of the highlights and shadow areas of each image then combining all to make a composite image. This is my photography and this is how I see things.
DARKROOM GALLERY Not really a darkroom just fooling around with multiple tools, techniques and methogologies to produce something dirrerent. Images impossible to conceive in a darkroom. This is my photography and this is how I see things.
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GUEST PHOTOGRAPHERS GALLERY - work in progress 06062018 Welcome to Jacqui Scott NZ to be my first guest photographer (idea) on my website as she takes lots of great photographs. These are my invited photographers and this is how they see the world around us.
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Paul Horton Photography This is my photography & processed artwork

About Us

Paul R Horton ADipJA Main Interest in photography is landscapes, interesting people, other places where photographers seldom go, infra-red the continuing emergence of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. When everything falls into place we quickly pack our van and take off for the bush, sometimes via a city or large country towns but always the bush is the primary destination. Of course the weather plays a large hand in what we do, genrerally we can drive through bad stuff and out the other side or wait it out. What about travel plans - plenty of food, clothes, warm blankets, water and fuel is all we need. Rock hunting equipment for Fiona is essential, a few shovels, screens and plenty of buckets. For me its half a dozen cameras, the ever present laptop, android tablets, wireless connections, software tools and plenty of battery power. Maintaining websites and electronic database’s on the road consumes lots of battery power. Fiona Horton A bit about the bride; Fiona is a porcelain doll-ceramics teacher and has been teaching various associated crafts for the last 30 years. She opened her first studio in Melbourne, later moving to Sydney and opened her shop-studio in Ashfield and stayed put for several years and continued teaching from her home studio. She indulged in many other forms of craft until porcelain dolls took over her life for many years, traveling to many arts shows and selling her dolls across Australia and overseas. Sculpting was the next venture among her impressive arsenal of craft skills are porcelain painting, enamelling, leatherwork, jewellery, resin, copper work and Poly clay. Fiona took out the Blue Ribbon event at Kensington Doll Show in 1989 when that was the biggest doll show in OZ .... she won’t tell you about this stuff, but I will.


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