Paul Horton Photography
2023 | Ver 1.14 - 02092023
Special group pf people I worked with ...... RFDS and SA Police aircraft at Cadney Homestead 2014 Tilpa Hotel at last 50 years between visits Magellan GPS took us back 15 years later and Fiona was very happy! Wky we go Camping - Capertee Valley 2006 Not far now is it Babe! Tippy toeing somewhere in SA I think! Nothing here!


AI generated background image very close to MattyB’s tree …….
The evil pair at Port Douglas 2012 On the way to Mungo NP 2010 - visit two Great Southern Road 2010 Another lighthouse 2010 Victoria Menindee Lakes Whiskey Romeo Golf - WRG Pooncarie multiple fatal Silver City Hwy Broken Hill to Tibooburra 1971 Lake Argyle lunch tour with stop-over for a swim ... Fiona on claypan Fort Gray Rd to Cameron Corner -  accidental high ISO bright day 2012 NO DETAIL Lake Argyle Resort swimming pool overlooking massive dam ... Lake Bonney SA sunset with a bodyguard in the shadows ... Packsaddle Roadhouse in 2020 Silverton Arts Gallery Tuena Sunrise early AM opportunity photo en-route to Moss Vale 2005 Glenbawn Dam near Scone NSW 2012 Fiona where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet off WA coast 2017 Birdsville Pub Action - Creek crossing on the way to Wolf Creek crater 2017 Mungeranie Pub on the Birdsville Track 2013 - not a friendly place Tanami Rd near Sturts Creek WA 2017 Coladdi Road House aka The Fox Trap Brewongle Lane across GW Highway Infra-red Ariah Park camping ground 2010 Lithgow Golf Club 4th green Infra-red Bakers Shaft 2006 B&W Bill Nichollas - Ron Beggs & Max Lamond (Pilot) After this came 10 inches of rain overnight Tibooburra 1973-4 - Arson investigation Graham Cope Tibooburra & Sen Sgt Keith Jorgenson - arson investigation Tibooburra 1973 Fiona meets a real Qld Cowboy & we lost his name 2007 2006 best mate Ross Files & Fiona exploring the Darling near Menindee We expected something different and we were insulted by staff! Murray River Estuary west of Albury Infra-red Special trip to Tibooburra with Graham Cope  & Sen Sgt Keith Jorgenson Broken Hill 1974 Big Bend at Carnarvon Gorge a long walk from camping area ...
From a discarded nothing phone pic to this!
Paul Horton Photography